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  • LuckyDog will professionally install your equipment 

  • ​A CPSI Certified Installer will be on your jobsite

  • Every structure installation is backed by our 1 Year Comeback Signature Service Safety Inspection*

  • We are Manufacturer Certified

For long term returns on your investment, trust licensed contractor LuckyDog Recreation.

The importance of correct installation by qualified, experienced installers cannot be over emphasized.
When installed correctly, your playground should perform for decades of fun. If installed by unqualified persons, you can plan on a shorter lifespan. Also, unqualified persons don’t know the safety standards which are critical to a successful installation. 

Why risk it?

Call the professionals at LuckyDog Recreation. We are ready to serve you with five (5) Certified Playground Safety Inspectors on staff ensuring there is at least one CPSI on your jobsite at all times.

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LuckyDog Recreation is home of the FREE 1 YEAR COMEBACK SIGNATURE SERVICE SAFETY INSPECTION and it comes with every playground purchase.

We care enough about you and the safety of the children playing on your playground that we will inspect your playground within 1 year of installation,


Our CPSI will check every nut, bolt, spinning component, etc. and provide you with a report of health within 30 days of that inspection. 

Connect with your Creative Play Designer for more information.

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