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10 Reasons To Join National Recreation And Park Association (NRPA)

Over the years as we have worked with schools, school districts, cities, counties and states, we have come to admire what a group can do. Whether the group has been big or small, the goal of providing places to play and recreate has been the driving force that brings the dream into reality.

You may not know the one group that has created the firm foundation we use to build those dreams is the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA).

The Dividends of Being in the NRPA

No matter what recreational industry or educational system you are a part of, the NRPA is dedicated to supporting you and your efforts to provide the absolute best in recreation, playgrounds and parks.

Coming together as a national group, we make the changes that really matter in a world of growing technologies and progress moving faster than we have ever seen before.

“Change is inevitable in a progressive County. Change is constant.” Benjamin Disrae

10 Reasons to Join National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)

1. Health & Wellness: This is the first of NRPA’s “Three Pillars.” This group has become the leader in promoting health and wellness through parks and recreation. Their website, convention and monthly magazine are full of cutting-edge ideas you will love to share. 2. Conservation: The second “Pillar” is their dedication to protecting open space, connecting people to nature, and engaging communities in conservation practices. The NRPA makes it easy to be a part of a movement that really makes an impact.

3. Social Equity: The third “Pillar” is a goal that we all share, “Ensuring all people have access to the benefits of local parks and recreation.” 4. Grants and Funding: The NRPA gives you up-to-date information on available grant and funding opportunities. 5. Reports: Get facts and statistics from NRPA’s long list of reports you can use to present park and recreation funding requests from your local government and school boards. 6. Continuing Education: NRPA’s online-learning is a cost-effective way to train and educate your team. Also, it is the best way to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 7. Playground Safety: From becoming Certified Playground Safety Inspectors to learning what is new in safe playground equipment, LuckyDog appreciates all the ways the NRPA has been our partner. You will appreciate it too. 8. Non-Profit Organization: Because the NRPA is a non-profit organization, your membership dues, conference dues and charitable contributions fund this dynamic organization. Once you check out their website, you will see that they are a class act, worth every penny of your membership. 9. Monthly Magazine: Whahoo! the NRPA’s Parks & Recreation magazine is now available online for everyone. The magazine is full of great park and play articles. Plus the new Playcraft Ebb and Flow Net Climbers are featured on the back cover of this issue. Check it out…Park & Recreation Online Magazine. 10. Yearly Convention: The annual NPRA Conference educates the public, professionals and government leaders as to what is new for all “Three Pillars.”

The NRPA convention is the highlight of our year. Although we learn tons during the education sessions, our favorite part is networking and participating in the BIG trade show.

A Sneak Peek at the 2018 NRPA Tradeshow

As we walk out the door to attend this year’s convention in Indianapolis, we want to give you a sneak peek of what Playcraft Systems and Berliner will be presenting at the show.

Playcraft Systems’ Ebb and Flow Net Climbers

New Berliner Play Equipment Catalogs

We are excited to meet with those of you who are attending this year’s NRPA convention.

And if you can not attend, watch for a new video tour with Rhetta. Be sure to give us a call for more information on the Playcraft Ebb and Flow Net Climbers and your brand new Berliner catalog.

In Pursuit of Play,

Nicole and Rhetta

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