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Burch Creek Park - South Ogden, UT

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Some playgrounds greet you as soon as you pull into a parking lot - bright colors and laughter drawing you immediately to play. Others like to stay tucked back, waiting for little feet to wander up a hill, or follow a curving sidewalk, with just a hint of something playful peeking over the rise. That's Burch Creek Park.

South Ogden is enjoying a renaissance, a revitalization of it's community, and a focus on family activities. Burch Creek Park is a perfect example of all those - and it's shouting that it's here and it's designed for fun! Pickleball, water features, a contemplation walk, shaded pavilions, and a mini fitness course all add to the versatility but the Hill Climb Towers by Berliner are truly the cherry on top! Tucked back along the east side of the park; this tower-based playground is on a big slope with bridges, tunnels, and slides making an epic adventure! Start at the top and enjoy an incredible view of the valley then challenge your balance and strength with maneuvering your way down the hill, through the ropes challenges, up the next tower, more ropes, another tower and finally finishing with a 20' tall twisting tube slide that ends with an extraordinary finish!

With the addition of happy yellows, oranges, and blues on the towers and more bold patterns and colors on the soft and cushioned surfacing, this playground is unique in Utah and makes it's statement: "I'm here and I'm ready to play!".

Join us at the new Hill Climb Towers by Berliner and LuckyDog Recreation in South

Ogdens' new Burch Creek Park. It's going to be a new family favorite! Reach out to your Creative Play Designer to learn more.

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