Choosing a Playground Contractor

Playground Construction

Those who know anything about the LuckyDog Recreation Team know that we are a family, an extending and growing family, with construction locations and offices in Idaho and Utah. This article describes our roots in playground construction.

From LuckyDog’s point of view, we know a lot about playground construction, because we have a 30 plus year history of building playgrounds. The current evolution of our company is preceded by several companies starting in 1986 with Curtis Stoddard. He is one of the founders of the National Playground Contractors Association, the creator of Slyde the Playground Hound, and most of all, an incredible playground builder. The current business of building playgrounds has now culminated in LuckyDog Recreation.

Choosing a Playground Contractor

This article will focus on 3 things critical to your desire to have the finished playground be something for which you can be proud.

Licensed: With most construction, hiring a company licensed to perform the work you are hiring them for should be a given, but don’t overlook the details. Hiring a licensed contractor protects you, the owner, from getting less than you think you are paying for. To get licensed, a company must acquire and show their credentials to a state or other governing body. The governing body is doing part of the work for you and protecting you from shoddy workmanship or getting taken to the cleaners; it behooves you to use this tool.

While all three states, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming, have licensing requirements governed by different governmental entities, ALL do require contractors to be licensed. It is as simple as asking bidders to put their license number with their quote. If it’s a more formal bidding process, include a specification that all contractors bidding must provide their current license number at the time of bid.

Insured: Business as usual precludes that contractors operating on your property are properly insured. Protect your assets (pun intended) by acquiring a current certification of licensure from ANY contractor doing work for you. General Liability specific to playground construction, workers compensation, and auto insurance should be on the certificate you request from the playground construction company.

Make a request of proof of insurance at time of bidding, then once the project is awarded, request insurance to include you, the owner, as additionally insured with the name of each specific project for future reference.

As you know, when you work with LuckyDog Recreation, you are purchasing from the licensed, insured and certified playground contractor directly. However, if you purchase from one party and then hire it built by a different company, consult with your own insurance company about the potential exposure this may incur.

Certified: Lastly, when selecting a playground contractor, make certain they are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors, CPSI’s. This is a credential for playground professionals for those working in the field and in the office, so do not overlook its importance. CPSI’s know the laws, regulations, and guidelines regarding playground safety. Their training hats them on everything from use zones (the safety distance between pieces of equipment) to ADA access and egress on and to and from the equipment. At LuckyDog Recreation, we take safety seriously. We currently have 5 staff members who are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors, CPSI’s. There is a CPSI on every job site. Always require CPSI on your turf. It’s a reasonable request and easy to include on your quote request or formal bid specifications.




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