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Color-Your-Playground with PlayViewer™ from Playcraft Systems.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

New innovations arrive almost daily in the playground world. Introducing "PlayViewer" from Playcraft Systems, a software to download onto your Windows computer straight from the Playcraft website. This new feature allows you to really see a playground and colorize it. As the customer, you can scroll through several different color options to find the perfect match for you. You can zoom in on the play panels, twist it around, and manipulate the playground to get an idea of what you are getting.

It'll be hard to choose just one color scheme and super fun to share the process with your team, whether they are a classroom full of anxious students, the City Council, or your ASLA office. The "PlayViewer" feature allows you to view your playground from a whole new perspective.

There are 2 ways to go about using "PlayViewer". The first way is to choose the desired playground and then clicking on the Download & Colorize option to begin playing around with the colors. Once you have the color scheme that you love, then send it back to us, and we can get it finalized for you. The second way is to play with the color scheme after you have the playground designed to fit your needs. Then after you have played with the colors, send it back to us, and we can get it finalized it for you.

Playcraft Systems recently launched a whole new website making it easier than ever to drop a playground into your CAD files. There are dozens of resources for the playground enthusiasts and kids at heart to build and provide the best playground that works for them.

For example, a new feature this year allows you to find your playground by browsing several designs of provided playgrounds, and at LuckyDog Recreation we think it's pretty neat. You can look up the designs provided by price, age range, use zone, or your target market on your own. It could be the start of you finding the right playground for your project.

(This playground is at Busy Bee's Child Care in Roy, Utah.)

This is just one of the ways you can start the process. Of course, the Creative Play Designers at LuckyDog are here to help you every step of the way. Once you find the ideal playground that you are looking for, you can send it our way. Let us help you visualize and conceptualize your perfect playground. Call today!

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