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Custom Is Standard With Berliner Play Equipment

A Shout Out to Utah Architects whose projects and leading article appear in the Berliner publication Breathtaking Pla(y)ces, Projects in Collaboration with Landscape Architects.   Download your copy here…it will take your breath away, guaranteed.


LuckyDog is proud to be associated with the Berliner brand and Mike Wonenberg of G Brown Architects, whose project at Brookside Park in South Jordan, Utah was featured on page 32 of Berliner’s publication, Breathtaking Pla(y)ces

G Brown proves that sand is still a viable playground surface, and slope on playgrounds is the current modality for ASLA desiring to distinguish their projects as unique, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, offer unsurpassed user engagement. Now how is that for investing in your community. 


LuckyDog Recreation wishes to acknowledge Gregory Graves, PLA, ASLA of J-U-B-Engineers, Kaysville Utah, for his contribution and dedication to dreaming and imaging play in new and exciting ways.

Gregory’s commentary starts the Breathtaking Pla(y)ces publication off with words that make one want to experience a Berliner Playground first hand. Thanks to Greg and his team of landscape architects. you can.

“They (Berliner) are always willing to look ‘outside the box’ with me for something that will provide the ‘wow’ factor I look for in each design, regardless of the size of playground. They get it!”  –  Gregory H. Graves, PLA, ASLA

See Mr. Graves’ Designs for Saratoga Springs Neptune Park on page 48 of your Breathtaking Pla(y)ces publication.

By now many, if not all of who receive the LuckyDog Newsletter have heard of, if not experienced firsthand, the Neptun XXL unlimited play and climbing opportunities at Neptune Park in Saratoga Springs, Utah, designed by Mr. Graves.


If you have not been to Neptune Park yet, what are you waiting for? From young children, to teens and adults alike, this impressive massive 30’ tall net has something for everyone.


Chelsie Johnson – Public Works Assistant, City of Wilder, ID

Congratulations Chelsie, we are excited to see where you will be placing your new Playcraft® Buddy Bench!

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