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Deseret Heritage Park In Delta Utah Gets Big Playground Update

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Welcome to Delta, Utah and their newest park, Deseret Heritage Park

The City of Delta is a quiet treasure in Utah with a rich history and people with a deep love for their community. Over the last 5 years they have created a community center, new park and new neighborhood that embodies all the attributes of this strong community.

In their desire to grow and be responsive to community needs they have focused on fundraising and applying for grants to provide a new playground at their new park location, Deseret Heritage.

With a new catalog at hand and amazing Playcraft Systems® promotions, the board was able to find a design they loved, customized it to fit their needs, and added in free equipment to round out the playground! The views in this community are amazing, so the tallest tower caps out at over 17’ in height to the top of the roof, giving children an amazing perspective.

This playground is appealing to all ages. There are climbers and slides for the littlest explorer, and more complex climbers and transitions leading to tall towers and slides for the bigger adventurer. There’s balancing, swinging, sliding, climbing, stretching, reaching and jumping – everything kids need!

The colors are more muted to blend with the natural theme of the play area, but the lime green accents give it just a little pop of color! All in all, it’s an amazing playground that Delta can be proud of.

Thank you, Delta City and everyone involved, for letting us be a part of the growth in your community. We’re excited to see what you do next!

Lucy, our official "FunTester" gives this playground a thumbs up!

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