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GaGa Ball Pits Are Easy With This Gaga Ball Kit

GaGa Ball Pits take dodge ball to a whole new level of play and a Play Action Systems Gaga Ball kit makes the game easy to set up.

GaGa literally means “touch-touch” in Hebrew. The game is a variant of dodge ball played in a GaGa pit that is usually an octagon or hexagon shaped wall on top of a smooth surface of dirt, turf, or a rubber mat.

See the Gaga Ball Pit in Action…

Players of all ages love to play this simple yet invigorating game of running, dodging, jumping and striking, making it a popular game for camps, schools, playgrounds and recreation centers.

This kinder and gentler form of dodge ball has grown in popularity because it doesn’t require the skills of other sports. It just takes the willingness to follow the rules and have fun. The Gaga Ball rules and the confined space along with the soft GaGa ball create a safe game that leans more towards just plain fun than athletic performance.

The action of a GaGa Ball Pit is addicting, the game moves extremely quickly. Players must keep moving to avoid being hit by the ball and eliminated and at the same time try to hit their opponents below the knees with the ball.

Because it is fun and easy, everyone is sure to get a workout. Of course, the last player standing is the winner.

Once the game ends, all players are back in the pit for more, guaranteed!

Play Action Systems Gaga Ball Pit Kit

LuckyDog Recreation offers three sizes of modular ‘kits’ for indoor or outdoor use.

“Each kit comes complete with stanchions and borders to create the GaGa Pit. Each ‘wall’ of the pit is constructed of 4′ sections of double stacked borders resulting in side panels that are 28″ high. The 28″ height allows for maximum ball rebound and easy pit entrance and exit by players. Our stanchions can be permanently anchored if desired (not included) and are PVC coated for maximum durability. Additionally, our stanchion design keeps the pit panels raised 4″ for easier pit cleaning of debris.” Action Play Systems

Ready to play?

Call us at LuckyDog Recreation for your very own GaGa Ball kit.

P.S. You can get more information on GaGa Ball Pits over at Playpedia, our favorite resource for all things playground. Don’t forget to sign up for their Newsletter while you are there.

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