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Ivins Park Opens After 2 Years in the Making

Sometimes perfection takes time; the newest playground in Ivins, Utah is a good example! This park and play area next to City Hall already has a high volume of activity, so we know this new playground will be well-loved.

The original budget for the playground was good but the need for shade (it gets HOT there!) and additional play equipment drove the decision to wait for another year and add to the budget. Fast forward to 2020 and the City of Ivins is finally enjoying their huge playground that was 2 years in the making!

The original design featured just the main structure with amazing flow and activities. It’s square shape and open center makes it accessible from every angle and side for all skill levels. This playground is the perfect place for creative and imaginative play, including games of tag, shark, hide and seek, and any other adventure kids can think up.

The new Ebb and Flow climbers and the rope access bridge give a great place for kids to practice their rope skills before heading to the Berliner IKO, a new favorite rope climber that can handle all ages and skill levels!

A separate structure was added for the 2-5 age group, giving them just as much excitement and climbing fun as the bigger kids! Activity panels, balancing, sliding, and imaginative play in the shade under the decks makes this playground a perfect balance of physical and mental activities.

Protecting everything are two huge shade structures over the whole playground, keeping things cooler during the day and allowing this playground to have all-day activity! Our shade canopies are heavy-duty with a streamlined appearance and will hold up to the hot Utah sun for many years to come.

We are delighted to be a part of this new adventure in Ivins and hope the children have an amazing time exploring all aspects of their new playground! To learn more about our play systems, contact your local Creative Play Designer today! CONNECT WITH MY LOCAL CREATIVE PLAY DESIGNER Check out this short video to see the project from start to finish!

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