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Join In The Fun! Grand Opening of Pirate Island Playground

City of Rigby and LuckyDog Recreation announce grand opening and ribbon cutting for Pirate Island Playground

By Sarah Knight June 6, 2018

Rigby, ID – The City of Rigby and LuckyDog Recreation will be holding the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for Pirate Island Playground on June 9, 2018, at Scotty’s South Park in Rigby. A professional photoshoot will be held from 10 to 11 am, with the ribbon cutting at noon.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their family and a picnic. Families will be invited to meet Slyde the Playground Hound® and enjoy free games and activities.

About Pirate Island Playground

This playground represents the union of Playcraft® and Berliner®, two well-known playground manufacturers, each with unique takes on their equipment design.

The playground, as the name suggests, has a pirate ship, complete with a cannon, wheelhouse, balcony deck and telescope, pirate sail, a maze, an alligator balance beam, rock steps, a cargo net, and much more. In addition to the pirate ship, there is a thirteen-foot double slide, with a drum, horn, chime, and bell panel. Between the large structures, there are two 20ft tall climbing nets, connected together with a net bridge.

As if it couldn’t get any more exciting, there is a multi-spring speedboat for toddlers and a 100ft long zip line for everyone (yes, grownups are welcome!) —and the most incredible feature of it all, is that children can go from one end of the playground to the other without ever touching the ground!

About LuckyDog Recreation

LuckyDog Recreation is Idaho’s local playground equipment supplier and installer with 30 years of experience. They walk clients through the selection, design, purchase, delivery and installation of their playground, and offer post-construction inspections. LuckyDog offers a variety of brands, including Playcraft Systems, Dog-ON-It Parks, Coverworx, Custom Canopies, Aveer Tile Systems, Playsafer, FlexGround, ForeverLawn, Sof’Fall, BRP, ID Sculpture, Goalsetter, Bison, Freenotes Harmony Park, Berliner and Everlast Climbing.

Arrrh Maties – Join us for the fun this Saturday!

Nicole Stoddard – LuckyDog Recreation

P.S. Pirate Island Playground is one of my favorites, the City of Rigby chose some fabulous playground equipment…like the pirate ship in the picture below. Plus the Scotty’s South Park playground is the perfect marriage of Playcraft playground equipment and Berliner play equipment.

The crew installs Berliner Pentagode Net

“The process [of working with LuckyDog] was a pleasure from the very beginning, from the planning stage to completion; this company was fabulous to work with! They worked in the worst weather and were always cheerful…what a great bunch of guys!

“Nicole, Lynette, Jordyn, CJ, and the rest of the crew feel like family! Not a day went by that we were not in contact. What a wonderful experience!

“The equipment is a well-thought-out portion of our park, and it all fits together perfectly. It catches the eye from the highway and the kids are all smiles! [The playground] has been busy every day since it’s completion!

“I have already recommended LuckyDog to other cities, counties, and schools. They are even my favorites on Facebook! We are hoping to use them again soon in our other park. Thank you!” Rigby City Clerk – Rigby South Park Playground, Rigby, Idaho

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