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LuckyDog Recreation August 2019 Newsletter


Shade – it’s what all caregivers, parents, and playground providers want on a playground but rarely seem to find! In the rare exception where grown trees have been saved and slides are carefully crafted to utilize their summer shade, we need to find alternate ways to keep key surfaces cool on our playgrounds.

Here are a few LuckyDog tips:

  •  If your budget doesn’t allow the addition of shade sails, find a designer who will work with you to create shaded play spaces under taller decks. The space created under these areas is often left blank, but a good playground designer will maximize the area and add in clubhouses or picnic areas for kids to get out of the sun with friends.

  • If you’ve built your playground but need a budget friendly addition, a shade umbrella is perfect. With a single post design this shade option is simple to install, and at 15-16’ across it can cast a large shadow over a big play area. Use these to shade the bottoms of slides or smaller freestanding pieces, carefully positioning to maximize the angles at key times of the day.

  • If you’re just getting started on your new playground design, ask for the inclusion of shade sails or large roofs attached to your play structure. Incorporating shade into your design from the start will make your project usable through the whole outdoor season and save you from having to come back and add shade later.

  • Chances are you have to “sell” the idea of shade on a grant application, to your city council, or other board that has a say in whether or not your playground will be shaded. Knowing and being able to articulate the primary reason for adding shade, prevention of cancer, requires you to be educated and to educate. Download a guide for the prevention of cancer from the Surgeon General: Cancer Prevention

  • Download a report from a task force for the prevention of skin cancer targeting children’s parents and caregivers: Parents and Caregivers.pdf 

Examples of Perfect Solutions

CLICK HERE to apply for Shade Grant Money

In Pursuit of Play in the Shade,  Rhetta McIff, CPSI - Utah Creative Play Designer


Haley Acquisto  Lismore Greens HOA West Jordan, Utah  Congratulations! we are excited to deliver your Buddy Bench.

“Supporting children in play requires us to remember what life is all about. It’s not about getting from A-Z, but rather dreaming beyond both.”  - Vince Gowmon

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