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LuckyDog Recreation August Newsletter

Updated: Nov 3

Back-to-School Playgrounds-Ready-to-Ship Now!

Longer lead times on playgrounds got you down? Don't wait a moment longer. With five ready-to-ship items to choose from you can shop-till-you drop.

But when they're gone, they're gone, so give us a call today 1-800-388-2196!

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Playground Maintenance: An Owners Duty

New playground owner’s responsibilities are two-fold, keep the children visiting their playground safe and maintaining the equipment, which in turn keeps children safe. Keeping children safe is just one of many reasons to have a written maintenance program. A good maintenance program will make your playground last longer. Just like the regular changing of the oil in your automobile extends its life, checking your playground equipment, surfacing, and surroundings for safety hazards, and checking wear and tear on parts can extend the life of your equipment. Read more...

LuckyDog Playground Maintenance Video

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