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LuckyDog Recreation February 2020 Newsletter

Updated: May 19, 2020

Bouncing, jumping, leaping, spinning – Movement IS play!

New playground products are always exciting and we love bringing new ideas to you! Introducing the Kid Bouncers – it’s an in-ground system that gives all the bounce and fun for your playground in a safe, fun, and inclusive way! From morning workouts to wheelchair accessible play, our bouncer is a win in parks, on playgrounds, and in public spaces. See the bouncers in action here and check out the details here from Berliner, our supplier of all things fun!

More new products and their brochures are here – look for the adorable Beetles and Wonder Walls coming to play spaces near you!

Contact us for brochures, information, and pricing. Your new playground just may be the talk of the town!

Introducing Kid Bouncers ™

LDR + Firefly Park at Daybreak in South Jordan, UT


Beginning in Berlin in 1865 as a manufacturer of steel cables for the Berliner elevator industries, Berliner Seilfabrik entered the playground industry in the 1970's with their world famous ropes made into play climbing structures. To read more about Berliner Seilfabrix click here...

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