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LuckyDog Recreation July 2020 Newsletter

Hot Playground Summer Update

With everyone thinking about safety at the playground, i.e. masks and sanitation in light of Covid19, don't forget playgrounds get hot!

The weather in the inter-mountain west can be so hot that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. Just imagine how hot playground slides and other dark or metal objects can be on tender skin.

Read up on what you can do...

Save Time, Save Money with Co-Op Purchasing

Attention all public agencies; cities, counties, non-profits, parks and recreation departments, high education institutions, k12’s and more, here’s the newest . . . freshest . . . smartest way to get the playground you want at the price point you deserve, presenting ONMIA Partners. Increase Your Playground Purchasing Power with OMNIA Partners and Playcraft Systems  Check out this video; One of these playgrounds may be near you! 

Table Tennis Anyone? Introducing A New Playground Product

Older kids and adult kids will love this addition to your park or playground. 

This table tennis table by Playcraft offers the very best in stability and durability, standing up to the most energetic of play. With a stylish design, heavy duty frame, and metal net, this table looks great in any outdoor setting! Size: 108” x 60” (2.7m x 1.5m) Height: 30” (0.8m) Download all the specifications here.

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