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LuckyDog Recreation June 2020 Newsletter

Sanitation Stations Make Their Debut!

As states lift restrictions on parks, playgrounds, and other public facilities, owner/operators can look to LuckyDog Recreation for ideas that promote healthy practices and help to prevent the spread of germs with outdoor Sanitation Stations. Read all about it...

Keeping Your Playgrounds Clean and Your Reputation Spotless

At home, you take care of things like washing your car or dusting the living room. When you get to work, thinking about what it takes to keep a playground clean and healthful is not likely on the top of your list. Regular maintenance, including what you can do

Ivins Park Opens After 2 Years in the Making Sometimes perfection takes time; the newest playground in Ivins, Utah is a good example!  Read about the new park in Ivins... Watch the Team Build Ivins City Park 

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