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LuckyDog Recreation Newsletter June 2021


New Castle Themed Playground in Laramie, Wyoming

The City of Laramie’s first park called Undine was originally established in 1875. In 2021, it received a major playground update thanks to the Laramie Parks and Recreation Department. As legend has it, (and according to the Internet) an Undine is a mythical water creature that protects the spirits of the water world. As a spirit, they are compared to other mythical creatures such as sprites, nymphs, and mermaids.....READ MORE WATCH THE VIDEO


Sensory Play Our new Sensory Play Series brings cognitive, dynamic, and playful learning outdoors. This attractive, sleek design provides a striking base to any new or existing playground. There are three options to bring sensory activities into the play space with the Sensory Wall, Sensory Play Ramp, and Sensory Play Platform. Each Sensory Play Series product offers a unique experience for all users.....READ MORE

Please join us for a CEU webinar presentation that highlights the inclusive nature of rope play. Learn the role of ADA in play and what truly defines an inclusive play environment from the playground to the parking lot. Discover out-of-the-box play solutions that foster physical, social and cognitive development for all children!

Have Questions? Connect with your Creative Play Designer TODAY! (800) 388-2196

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