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LuckyDog Recreation Newsletter May 2021

Things that Move . . . Swings


In a perfect world, all playgrounds would have swings. Children love the tummy-tickling movement a swing provides. Go to a school playground setting during recess and you’ll see children race out the school door in hopes of being the first to the coveted swings. Grown-ups on the other hand might consider the fact that swings can be both a solitary and cooperative play activity. Or, grown-ups might think about how swings help children develop skills of locomotion, balance, and coordination....READ MORE WATCH THE VIDEO - VIP SWING

Please join us for a CEU webinar presentation that highlights the inclusive nature of rope play. Learn the role of ADA in play and what truly defines an inclusive play environment from the playground to the parking lot. Discover out-of-the-box play solutions that foster physical, social and cognitive development for all children!

Have Questions? Connect with your Creative Play Designer TODAY! (800) 388-2196

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