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LuckyDog Recreation Newsletter October 2020

Iconic Playground Opens in Cedar Hills, UT


It's always a nice surprise to see an old homestead turned into a large park space instead of getting gobbled up by large developments and buildings. The former Harvey Farms is such a story that will delight all ages for generations.  Cedar Hills is a small city devoted to creating high-end destination parks and playgrounds with Harvey Park as a perfect example! With a large area of land to work with.….READ MORE


Ready for something uniquely different for your next playground? You've come to the right place! We shared this LIVE Lunch and Learn with ASLA's earlier this month and it was a huge success. Now we are sharing it with YOU so you can learn the benefits of 3-dimensional net play and how to design an exceptional play system that children of all ages will love.  We will send you a $10 Amazon gift card for attending! LEARNING OUTCOMES:

We will learn about the main benefits to net play and 3-dimensional rope systems.

  • We will take a broad look at the play values associated with ropes as well as the varying ways that this style of play contributes to different areas of development. 

  • We’ll also venture into some of the ways that Berliner differentiates themselves in the marketplace when it comes to these play components and features.

  • Get the never before seen pictures of the current project being unveiled at the end of this month at Oquirrh Park in Salt Lake County, Utah.

We will also raffle off some LuckyDog swag proceeding a Q+A. We look forward to seeing you there! 


Attention Play Enthusiasts...  What does a wasp's nest and your child's playground have in common? Find out here with design inspiration from Berliner featuring their Wasps'nest.120!

Download site plans below: 

Terranos Speedboat - USP.05209

Waspnest Combination 1 - USP.06264

Waspnest Combination 2 - USP.06269


Have Questions? Connect with your Creative Play Designer TODAY! (800) 388-2196 SEND AN EMAIL

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