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LuckyDog Recreation Newsletter September 2020

Specifiers Guide to LuckyDog Recreation | PART I

Why Specify Playground Equipment?

Every playground company has specific items/components that it may be known for, trademarked items that set them apart from others. It’s good to know that you, the purchaser, have the ability to specify certain items in your designs so you get exactly what you want in your final product. Specified items - as long as they cannot be matched by others - can make your purchasing process so much simpler….READ MORE

Need It Yesterday? Check out our Ready-To-Ship items, including playgrounds from... 

If you're in a pinch and need something fast, our Ready-To-Ship playgrounds and site furnishings become a handy solution.  Click below to see our Ready-To-Ship inventory. 

Have Questions? Connect with your Creative Play Designer TODAY! (800) 388-2196 SEND AN EMAIL

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