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Not Your Average Bouncer . . .

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Berliner and LuckyDog Recreation Introduce Kid Bouncers™.

It is clear that children love to jump. Ever try to keep a kid from jumping on the couch or on their bed? Some families are able to provide backyard trampolines for their kids, while other families can afford to occasionally take their children to a local indoor trampoline park. Here’s a new idea: why not consider a new public outdoor option to your local park or housing development that everyone can enjoy?

Introducing Berliner’s Kid Bouncers™...but don’t let the name fool you! These are adult friendly too, because who doesn’t enjoy jumping on a bouncer?!

Kid Bouncers™ are not your typical backyard trampolines. Ground level access makes it possible for everyone to play; no one needs to be left out of the excitement. Wheelchairs can easily bounce on them, and even seniors can step on and give it a try. The Kid Bouncer™ redefines inclusive play

The LuckyDog Recreation sales team was lucky enough to be at the US product reveal and gave the new Kid Bouncers™ a thumbs up.

The developmental benefits to children are numerous. Of course, we don’t expect children to care about the cognitive and physical benefits behind the act of showing off to their parents peers with tricks like the splits, or seeing how many jumps they can do in a minute. But in reality, they are developing their motor skills and striving to reach a goal while having fun jumping. Additionally, they are building friendships; all these outcomes on one toy, the Kid Bouncer™.

Is your goal to promote a healthy and active lifestyle in your community for the whole family? Then the benefits of jumping should not be overlooked. Jumping on the new Kid Bouncers™ is easy on the joints, increases circulation, improves balance and coordination, builds core strength, improves bone density, and regulates metabolism.

Jumping is fun, even if you don’t know the benefits. Used as part of a physical workout, the Kid Bouncer™ strengthens muscles, including the muscles of your cardiovascular system, and boosts oxygen levels, which will make you feel more alert!

These bouncers can be customized with LED lights and even sound-bites specific to the demographic you are designing for. A few examples might be nursery rhymes or stories or audio info about your region and nature. They are also resistant to heat, frost, water, and UV rays as well as vandalism. Here’s a product that can be enjoyed all-year long.

LuckyDog Recreation has joined Berliner in changing the game by bringing Kid Bouncers™ to your public spaces. There’s no doubt that with the bouncers, the sky is the limit.

Call LuckyDog Recreation today! Check out the 2020 brochures and our February newsletter!

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