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Parkour Rising from LuckyDog Recreation - Outdoor Fitness Options for 2022

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

At LuckyDog Recreation we're all about promoting activity and play for all ages which is why we love building playgrounds and working with companies like Berliner and Playcraft Systems that encourage play for ages 0-99! In the New Year, we're delighted to announce we're now working with Greenfields (more on them later) and TrekFit to promote even more creative ways to play and get fit outdoors in 2022!

TrekFit is the urban warriors dream! Parkour enthusiasts, families who want something more interesting than traditional exercise, and future Ninja Warriors will all enjoy the intense focus on movement, body mechanics, and skill that TrekFit provides. Thinking of ways to blend fitness into existing trails systems or more rustic settings? The TrekFit signs options come standard and offer an artistic way to enhance the exposure and use of the equipment; perfect for park systems, City Centers and even retail centers. Read more about how TrekFit stands out here.

Check out these mini Parkour Videos here:

Download a sample of TrekFit offerings here.

Let's make 2022 the year we spend more time outdoors and find new ways to explore our ever changing world. Call your LuckyDog Creative Play Designer today!

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