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Salt Lake City Elementary School Creates New Playground

J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School – A Salt Lake City Elementary School

You know you have a special principal and an amazing school when they come together to build a whole new play space from the ground up.

Principal Betsy Hunt is so passionate about her students and their well being that she worked with the school to fund their whole entire new playground with grant money…which takes a real dedication of time, attention and effort, let alone the additional paperwork.

Because Principal Hunt knows how much students benefit from outdoor play she was enthusiastic about making sure each piece of playground equipment was evaluated and discussed to make sure it would increase body movements and offered active play. She knows that back in the classroom both the students and teachers reap the benefits of improved focus and increased testing scores from active play.

E. Cosgriff Elementary School took an old and well-used playground and completely revitalized it by doubling the play equipment, adding exercise equipment, and covering the whole area with new Pour-In-Place surfacing.

There is Nothing Passive on this New Play Structure!

The new playground is a unique design encouraging students to be extremely active. Every deck is accessible from all sides by using upper or lower body strength and movements to work their way across the structure. Steppers of all heights connect students to additional climbers and activities providing them with an amazing way to go completely around the structures while never touching the ground!

Vibrant and Exciting

The playground was designed around the bright primary colors of old the original piece of equipment offering a cohesiveness between old and new. It’s a vibrant and exciting playground!

Beautiful Playground Surfacing

Pour-In-Place surfacing gives this play area supreme cushioning and keeps the surface color light to decrease heat. Blending beige and black made it an affordable option, LuckyDog worked with the FlexGround installation professionals producing a look that is silky smooth!

What it takes to install Pour in Place

New equipment + buffings

Finalizing the top finish

Perfect blend of old + new

Perfect Planning

From initial planning to completion was a full year but the time was well spent in planning so no decision was rushed.

Congratulations to everyone at J.E. Cosgriff Memorial School. I admire your insight and dedication.

Thank you for letting LuckyDog be a part of your playground transformation.

In Pursuit of Play

Rhetta McIff, Utah Creative Play Designer 385-222-1030

Dreaming about your own color combinations? Download: Playcraft Color Pallet 2018

Interested in seeing this fabulous elementary school playground and the Poured-in-Place surfacing? J.E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School 2335 Redondo Ave. Salt Lake City, UT 84108

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