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Sanitation Stations Make Their Debut!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

As states lift restrictions on parks, playgrounds, and other public facilities, owner/operators can look to LuckyDog Recreation for ideas that promote healthy practices and help to prevent the spread of germs with outdoor Sanitation Stations.

We offer a variety of options including post mounted designs, designs with attached receptacles, and even ones that you can add to a wall or an existing receptacle.

You can also choose between a small sanitizer station and a large sanitizer station that will house up to a 1200 ml dispenser (just over 1 liter). Our sanitation stations include simple signage with a friendly graphic and descriptions in both English and Spanish.

  • Small Sanitizer Units can house a 28 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer

  • Large Sanitizer Units can house up to 1200 ml automatic or hand press dispensers

  • Comes standard in our beautiful champagne powder coat color, but every color under the rainbow is available

  • Standard lead time of 3-4 weeks

To learn more and to price these stations out, please download our Sanitation Station PDF below: LuckyDog Recreation: Introducing Sanitation Stations

If you are ready for a quote, connect with your Creative Play Designer today! REQUEST A QUOTE

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