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Specifiers Guide to LuckyDog Recreation | PART I

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Why Specify Playground Equipment?

Every playground company has specific items/components that it may be known for, trademarked items that set them apart from others. It’s good to know that you, the purchaser, have the ability to specify certain items in your designs so you get exactly what you want in your final product. Specified items - as long as they cannot be matched by others - can make your purchasing process so much simpler….


Berliner, Play for Life

For those who have played on a Berliner Playground not much needs to be said about the form and function of this unique rope-based play equipment. LuckyDog Recreation is truly lucky when it comes to the partnership we have with this independent playground company based out of Berlin, Germany.

Berliner is a family-owned and managed company, giving them a responsiveness to your needs as a Specifier, the changing demands of the user, and a focus on sites requiring customer-specific products. Because the LuckyDog in-house installation crew has vast experience building rope-based play, your wildest dreams are possible with us! Insist on the best when you specify Berliner:

HDPE Slides – New to the industry, Berliner is making slides from easy to clean, graffiti-resistant, and very low maintenance HDPE.

The Ropes – Insist that the Rope-Based Playground you specify is manufactured by the actual rope-maker. Berliner has been making rope for generations using polyester threads for color-fastness and steel core for strength and long life.

The Cloverleaf connection – This feature offers no pinch points and makes switching out a single rope segment a breeze, and it is a worldwide-patented product.

Fully Enclosed Tensioning System – A net structure can be tensioned easily and evenly with no impact to safety surfacing, because everything is fully enclosed within a single point.

Certified Installers – LuckyDog Recreation is the authorized installer of the Berliner brand, and because Berliner installation can be massive, trust in the installation is the best indicator of success.

Learn more about Berliner here: THE BERLINER ADVANTAGE

Playcraft Systems, A Craftsman’s Mindset

Almost everyone in the Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming territory has a Playcraft playground in their parks system. So as an owner, a specifier, or other interested party, here are some things that set Playcraft apart from the other brands that you may see.

LuckyDog Recreation has been the proud distributor of Playcraft Systems in the Intermountain West since 2012. We know this brand inside and out and are proud to represent a durable, creative brand of traditional equipment with a new-age feel.

Playcraft Systems is the only Top-Tier West Coast manufacturer of playground equipment. Out here in the west, it means a lot: owners keep the lid on the carbon footprint and get a great deal on having their equipment shipped anywhere in Idaho, Utah, or Wyoming very economically.

When specifying Playcraft focus on:

The Powder-Coat finishes – All metal is 11-12 gauge steel with 12 mil average powder-coating. This is more than any other brand hands-down. Specify this for equipment that looks great longer and offers the accompanying industry leading powder coat warranty as well!

Roto-Molded Plastics - These are double-walled thick for high performance and durability. Dry-blend resins means the color is solid throughout and doesn’t fade.

Play-Tuff™ Decking - The ultimate kid-friendly protection. At Playcraft we double-up gussets and employ an extra step in the process of adhering the coating to the deck. You won’t find a tougher - or cleaner - finish anywhere. You won’t see steel exposed on our Play-Tuff™ decks, unlike some of our competitors.

Learn more about the quality of Playcraft here: PLAYCRAFT QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP


Getting started is as easy as making a phone call to the design team at LuckyDog Recreation. We are trained to know how to apply ADA requirements, ASTM compliance, and CPSC guidelines to your situation. We have the know-how to make your experience one in which you’ll say, “Boy, I’m glad I called LuckyDog Recreation.”

And, what is a great design without great installers to back it up? We currently have 5 Certified Playground Safety Inspectors on our team, insuring you get the best service from design day to build day and beyond. Meet our team here: LDR INSTALLATION CREW

To guarantee that you get the playground you want and the service you deserve, we’d like to leave you with one last specifying tip. When specifying a playground project, always include playground construction credentials. You can read all about that in another Play Journal episode here: SELECTING YOUR PLAYGROUND CONTRACTOR

For more information contact your Creative Play Designer today!

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