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This Utah Residential Playground Is True To The Environment

Designing this Utah residential playground was a lot of fun because these homeowners knew exactly what they wanted; a unique playground for a family that loves to play.

Set back against the picturesque playground of the Wasatch Mountains this aesthetically-pleasing play equipment LuckyDog install fits perfectly in the family backyard environment. The impressive Berliner Globe and a 75′ zip line called the Berliner Speedway put this playground over the top!

The Globe is an architecturally-stunning net climber surrounded by thick wood beams that will handle the heat and snow, becoming more beautiful as they age. Huge shade sails provide a respite from the hot summer sun and give perfect areas to dine or sit and watch kids play.

The curved posts of the Speedway and their bold red color make them visible but not obvious as the shape blends perfectly into the environment. It’s art and play perfectly fused.

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s an outdoor space that is inviting and fun?

Berliner Play Equipment makes a statement where ever they are built and with the backdrop of gorgeous scenery and mountains they truly shine.

In Pursuit of Play,

Rhetta McIff, Utah Creative Play Designer

P.S. Need a residential playground and want one that is uniquely fun and beautiful? Call us.

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