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Triple Boo by Berliner - Ready to Ship


Triple your pleasure, Triple your fun!

If you follow LuckyDog Recreation you know we love being on the cutting edge of what is new in the pursuit of outdoor fun. This year we are bringing you a new way to play in the Triple Boo by Berliner!

The triple boo is a multi-level rope-play house with bamboo panels for all ages that takes the climbing experience to new heights. Scaling to the top of the structure will provide 17-foot-high views of friends below. The net system is a mental and physical challenge that engages all age groups and allows for a graduated play experience with little climbers going up a few feet then gradually climbing higher as their confidence and skill increases.

You can pack all this play value and play capacity into a compact 23-foot circle, which makes your investment more in the playable events and making this piece easy to add to an existing playground.

Why Bamboo? Berliner is at the forefront in the use of renewable resources and bamboo is known for being the most preferred non-wood species world-wide. It is harder and more moisture resistant, yielding 20 times more material than other comparable options. It’s fast becoming a superior addition to children’s playgrounds.

IN STOCK! We have many Berliner play pieces available and ready to ship for your next playground project. With lead times as short as 2 weeks, we can refresh your playgrounds in a hurry! Download the product PDF here: TRIPLE BOO Contact your Creative Play Designer today!

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