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Undine Park - Laramie, Wyoming

The City of Laramie’s first park called Undine was originally established in 1875. In 2021, it received a major playground update thanks to the Laramie Parks and Recreation Department. As legend has it, (and according to the Internet) an Undine is a mythical water creature that protects the spirits of the water world. As a spirit, they are compared to other mythical creatures such as sprites, nymphs, and mermaids.

The new equipment was procured under a bidding process and awarded to LuckyDog Recreation, Wyoming’s premier playground construction company. The new equipment features a curved zip-line, tot swing, and castle play structure surrounded by a castle moat and green grass. Including Undine mythical creatures as part of the play experience is all part of the fun. Hopefully this sparks the imagination and you head on over to Undine Park to check it out.

Read more about the history of Undine Park here:

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