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Benefits of Co-Op Purchasing with LuckyDog Recreation

Getting the playground you want at the price you deserve just got easier. Fundraising and grants are great ways to garner interest and funds for your upcoming playground project. But did you know you can also earn big money off your playground directly from the manufacturer?

Remember, these cooperatives (Co-Ops) are not simply a discount; they are nationally recognized purchasing contracts. Playcraft Systems offers a variety of savings through national purchasing contracts, and you can shop for the one that best fits your needs and situation. So what are the benefits? How do the work? Who can apply? Read on for more “big buck” savings.

Purchasing Contract Benefits

  • Satisfy bidding requirements while skipping the burden of bidding requirements

  • It’s quick and economical to use a purchasing contract and you don’t sacrifice quality. The equipment and service you receive are not watered down to give you a “better deal”

  • Purchasing Co-Ops are not a ‘fake’ grants. Don’t fall for the inflating of the MSRP in order to discount it later to make it look like the customer is getting a “good deal”. Trust reputable contractors like LuckyDog Recreation. Call us today!

How Purchasing Cooperative Work

Allowable purchases include playground equipment, surfacing, and in some cases, the site work like concrete borders can be added to the scope of work. The only requirement is that purchaser be registered with the national purchasing agency by visiting their website and filling out a simple application.

Who Can Apply

· Education – K-12, Charter Schools, Private Schools Colleges, and Special Education Districts

· Non-Profits - like churches, nursing homes and other charitable organizations

· Government – City, County, State Agencies, Park and Water Districts, etc.

LuckyDog Purchasing Co-Ops

Here is a listing of the purchasing cooperatives through LuckyDog Recreation in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. And, if you have any questions at all reach out to us at 1-800-388-2196. We are here to help.

NASPO – ValuePoint supplier Partner (UT)

The state of Utah Purchasing Division awarded Playground Systems with the NASPO State Purchasing Contract to include playground equipment, fitness equipment, site furnishings, fabric shade, hardscape shade and many, many other outdoor sit amenities and furnishings. Work with LuckyDog to get the highest quality and get discounts on your next project. Because LuckyDog Recreation is a turn-key company, you can use your NASPO discount on your equipment and on installation. Now that’s value!

OMNIA Partners – Playcraft Systems

LuckyDog Recreation has helped dozens of playground owners acquire their equipment, surfacing, site work; the whole kit-n-caboodle using a purchasing Co-Op called Omnia Partners.

For Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming (Region 4 Education Service Center) our premier playground vendor, Playcraft Systems has been awarded the competitively solicited and publicly awarded contract to save you time and get you a HUGE discount on all your outdoor park or playground purchases with LuckyDog.

  • Includes other Co-Ops you may have used in the past: US Communities and National IPA

  • Visit Website to sign up.

  • Contract Number R170304

AEPA – Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies - Playcraft Systems (WY)

  • Visit website to apply.

  • Contract Number – Call LuckyDog Recreation for details

PPA – Public Procurement Authority - Playcraft Systems

  • Visit website to apply.

  • Contract Number – Call LuckyDog Recreation for details

GSA – Playcraft Systems

  • Visit website to apply.

  • Contract Number GS-03F-0076U

Ready to get started? Request a catalog here.

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